SHARE Meets Smart Circular Business

During the meeting ‘SHARE Meets Smart Circular Business’ organized by SHARE Haarlemmermeer, Jaap Buis of Circular Plastics discussed our circular solutions with moderator Margo Spek during the table discussion. For example, the Circular Bag was discussed, which could also be seen during the tour at Groenland B.V. and with which we realize a closed cycle […]

Disposable cups banned in the office, catering and festivals from 2024

From 2024, disposable cups or cutlery will no longer be allowed in the office, in the catering industry or at festivals, State Secretary Vivianne Heijnen (Environment-the Netherlands) writes in a letter to the House of Representatives. In these places, reusable plates or cups should be used. Cardboard coffee cups, which have a layer of plastic, […]

Use of plastic pallets in UK exports is growing

With Brexit, which has been a fact since 1 January this year, many new rules have been added for flower and plant exporters to the United Kingdom. One of the new challenges in exporting to the UK is the type of pallet used. When transported to destinations outside the European Union, wooden pallets must comply […]

Hoes van 100% gerecycled plastic voor Tesselaar Alstroemeria

The development in horticulture to make more use of sustainable products is continuing. Tesselaar Astroemeria has recently started using recycled flower sleeves! Karolien Tesselaar: “Our sleeve protects our flowers against damage during transport, but is removed fairly quikly by the florists or consumers. It’s just a shame that we use new material for that. We […]

Company of the year election in Aalsmeer

The final of the Company of the Year election organized by Nieuw Ondernemend Aalsmeer and the Municipality of Aalsmeer took place last Friday 12 November. The winner in our category this year is DC Systems B.V., congratulations! We are proud of our excellent assessment: “The jury sees an energetic and innovative company that responds perfectly […]

Plastic Packaging Tax example calculations

The government is introducing a global tax on plastic packaging containing less than 30% recycled plastic. Click here for the main points of the Plastic Packaging Tax UK. Are you curious about what this tax can mean for your company? We have made two example calculations*. For more information please contact us.

Mayor of Aalsmeer visiting for Company of the Year election

Today Mayor Gido Oude Kotte of the Municipality of Aalsmeer visited us for the election “Company of the Year” in Aalsmeer. Jaap Buis of Circular Plastics informed him about our innovative solutions. All this is organized by Nieuw Ondernemend Aalsmeer. The film will be shown during the final evening on November 12. We are looking […]

The Plastic Packaging Tax UK

We have listed the Plastic Packaging Tax UK in keypoints. What will change? Producers and importers have to pay £200 per tonne of plastic packaging… if the packaging is not made of at least 30% recycled plastic, or if the packaging does not largely consist of recycled plastic in terms of weight. Penalties may be […]

Circular Plastics and Corplex enter into a partnership

Circular Plastics enters into a partnership with Corplex to strengthen the development of sustainable transport, storage and packaging solutions. Corplex, a market leader in sustainable plastic solutions, has joined Circular Plastics’ co-shareholders business model, bringing its wide and solid expertise in plastic extrusion and thermoforming, from design to development to production to recycling. This partnership […]