• 100% use of durable stainless steel for a long service life and suitable for recycling;
  • Standard modular dimensions so 300 mio RTIs (circular closed loop packaging) can be placed in Europe;
  • After filling at the supplier or importer, suitable for rolling transport and Cross Docking distribution;
  • Ready for Display in Retail with attractive advertising covers for the containers and personalized poster material;
  • Flexibility to match themes and events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas and the 4 seasons;
  • Saves up to € 712 in one-off packaging and handling costs per truck throughout the entire logistics chain;
  • Is 66% nestable for optimum use of the space in the truck;
  • Standardizes quality and appearance per store formula and retail chain;
  • Easy to change by the staff from the transport position to an attractive display position;
  • Through intelligent data management, advice with predictive power can be supplied by Circular as an extra service;
  • This for an optimal mix of the assortment per Buggy for a perfect match at store level of supply and demand per item;
  • Compatible with Pool Systems from CBL Versfustenreek, Europoolsystems and IFCO;
  • Can be used in the flower and plant sector, the fruit and vegetable sector (potatoes, vegetables and fruit) and for DKW Dry groceries.


Planten groot - Eco flowerbuggy

Plantjes - eco flowerbuggy

Bloemen - eco flowerbuggy

Groente - eco flowerbuggy





Sustainable solution

100% recycled PP or cardboard

Protection during transport

Use as a decorative vase