Flowerbox Flowerbox


  • Sustainable solution for the transport of flowers from Kenya, Ethiopia, Ecuador and Colombia to the Netherlands;
  • Carefully manufactured with raw materials from one-off plastic and cardboard packaging;
  • Circular collects and sorts these flows at the Supermarkets and Auctions in Europe;
  • Ultra-light and ultra-strong Box through the use of hybrid production techniques and high-quality recycling know-how of scarce raw materials;
  • Replaces one-time packaging with a life cycle of 1 trip with a sustainable reusable solution suitable for 42 trips in 7 years;
  • 25% positive impact or the CO2 Footprint;
  • 25% extension of the quality of the flowers and thus the vase life of the consumer;
  • 25% saving on total logistics costs including benefits due to less waste and loss of flowers after intercontinental transport;
  • Innovative properties of the box allow the flowers throughout the entire cooling chain to be controlled towards the desired temperature of 2 degrees and the relative humidity between 60 and 85%;
  • Each box has an individual barcode and QR code applied on 2 short sides via Inmould label techniques;
  • This information protects the authenticity of the closed Pool and limits the risk that Boxes will disappear from the circuit via subturns;
  • Hi-tech IT also collects data during the entire transport to the Netherlands, with a 10-minute real-time interval;
  • This creates a database that immediately registers if the load will arrive in the Netherlands below the quality standards;
  • The importer has the option to ensure repeat order and has concrete information to demand improvements through corrective measures in that link of the logistics cold chain where quality problems have arisen. This way logistics service providers can optimize their service level towards their customers.





Sustainable solution

100% gerecycled cardboard

Protection during transport

Use as a decorative vase