• 100% recycled sustainable HDPE raw material from flower auctions and supermarkets
  • Innovative design with a ventilating open top deck for horticulture and 9 powerful supports
  • Nestable via the conical supports with 66% volume reduction in return transport and storage
  • ULUS = Ultra-light and Ultra-strong with a minimum own weight of 4-5 kg
  • Special design tailored to the dimensions of the Air Cargo plates for worldwide air transport
  • Unique barcode and QR code
  • As an option, 3 skids ensure optimum stability, especially with large loads
  • Dimensions of the top deck: 1,200 x 800 mm and 1,200 x 1,000 mm


Other benefits:

  • No need for special treatment against pests for export outside Europe
  • Meet the ISPM15 requirements
  • Do not absorb moisture
  • No risk of damage to goods by splinters or protruding nails
  • Easy to clean according to HACCP standards for the storage and transport of products in the food industry