The CircularBag®: it’s all about recycling.

The CircularBag is a large plastic bag made from recycled foil with a capacity of 200 or 400 litres, for efficient collection of plastic flower foil, flower and plant sleeves and the shrink wrap around pallets and trolleys. A handy holder for keeping the bag open is also available. The full bags are returned to the Dutch flower auctions with your supplier, wholesaler or exporter via the existing distribution network, and are then recycled.

The CircularBag is a perfect, simple solution for all floriculture companies that unpack or repack flowers or process them into bouquets and find it important that their plastic waste is reused in an affordable and responsible way.

The CircularBag is all about recycling: thanks to the CircularBag we can make new, 100% recycled flower sleeves from used ones. Moreover, the CircularBag itself is also made of 90% recycled plastic. A simple and effective closed cycle, in other words.

You order your CircularBags directly from Broekhof or in their web shop. Your supplier or wholesaler can also order the CircularBags for you from Broekhof.

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